Sunday, April 25, 2010

FINALLY! An update

Alright, my last post was nearly 5 months ago. I have not been a good blogger! I promise, I can explain. First and foremost, see the above photo. THAT is my new kitchen! We started construction on our kitchen January 4th and therefore, I was without kitchen for several weeks. I didn't really think you wanted me to blog about the soup I microwaved, or the grilled cheese I made in an electric skillet. At any rate, the kitchen renovation is finally over, and I'm happily cooking away in my new digs.

Secondly, my computer died on me! My screen broke in mid-December, and so I broke down and bought a new one in early January. Unfortunately many of the recipes I was planning to blog about in December are still trapped on the old machine. Someday, I'll transfer them over. So if you see any Christmas recipes in July, this explains it.

That said, hope you enjoy some of the recipes I'll be blogging in the future. I may be a bit sporadic with my entries, but hang in there with me!

Oh and if you wondered what the 'before' looked like, here you go - feast your eyes on this 1988 beauty!

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  1. Wow, I'm completely jealous of your kitchen! Seriously...

  2. I literally said "wow" when I saw your new looks amazing! The only sad thing is your old kitchen looks better than my current kitchen from the 60's, lol!

  3. what a FABULOUS makeover! Looking forward to some new recipes from your new kitchen.

  4. Looks fantastic...can you tell me what counter tops you went with?

  5. Dvlish - it's Yellow Ornamental Granite. LOVE it. And it wasn't super pricey either.